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Empower students to do their best, original work

Student success starts here

Uphold academic integrity

Identify unoriginal work instantly by comparing student submissions against the world’s largest collection of internet, academic, and student paper content. Harness Turnitin’s easy-to-use Similarity Report to build checks into educator and student workflows that detect and deter plagiarism, and cultivate citizens of integrity across your institution.

Turbocharge assessment, grading and feedback

Deliver and grade assessment in any learning environment for any subject, with Turnitin’s intuitive, time-saving grading and feedback tools. Faster, better quality feedback, paired with powerful, real-time data analytics on student performance to inform curriculum and improve learning outcomes. Cut grading time in half, to spend less time grading and more time teaching.

Support student learning

Turnitin’s academic integrity checks help lay the foundation for originality and critical thinking habits that will last a lifetime. Turn plagiarism into a teachable moment when it does occur, and empower your students to do their best, original work. Assessment feedback and grading tools support formative feedback to address learning gaps and enhance the student experience.

Investigate academic misconduct

Safeguard your institution’s reputation with cutting-edge authorship investigation tools that tackle new and emerging forms of academic misconduct, from computer code plagiarism to contract cheating. Equip staff with the technology to evidence attempts of cheating and support decision-making.

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The new standard in academic integrity to address emerging trends of misconduct and uphold original work.

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Deliver and grade assessments anywhere while saving time and transforming grading into learning.

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Make academic integrity a part of your workflow with plagiarism checking trusted by educators worldwide.

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Check for plagiarism with the tool academic publishers trust and publish with confidence.

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Feedback Studio

Address academic integrity, streamline grading, and support student feedback for assignment-writing excellence.

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